Dr. Lothar Guendling
Dr. Lothar Guendling

Expert and adviser specialized in international environmental policy and governance consultancies

After retiring as practicing lawyer in December 2015 I continue to offer international environmental consultancies in matters of environmental policy, governance, administration and institution-building.

Advice is being provided - mainly in international consultancy projects - on all matters of environmental policy and governance, including national environmental policy and law, EU environmental legislation and international environmental law. Expert advice is also given on administrative and institutional issues of environmental management.

Special expertise and knowledge in the transposition and implementation of EU environmental policy in new Member States and candidate countries have been gained since the year 2000 in leading positions in EU Technical Assistance Projects and Twinning Projects .

Services as resource person in environmental law training and education are also provided which can relay both on academic and practical experience.

In 2009, teaching activities were also resumed, as lecturer at the Free University Brussels on Environmental Policy and Law (2009-2010) and as moderator in e-learning courses of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) International Environmental Law Programme with focus on environmental governance (since 2010, ongoing).
Key qualifications and experience:

- Specialist in environmental law (EU, international, comparative), environmental administration and institution-building

- Knowledge and experience in approximation processes in new EU member states, candidate countries and EU Neighborhood Policy countries

- Experience in the preparation, implementation and management of complex institution-building projects

- Experience in the implementation and coordination of training programs

- Experience as workshop moderator and facilitator

- Experience as adviser at highest governmental level
Current activities include:

- Adviser to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB) for the development and implementation of environmental institution-building projects in central and eastern Europe and in countries of the EU neighbourhood policy and other countries

- Expert in EU an financed project in the FYR of Macedonia (support to local governments in environment)

- Preparation of EU projects (project fiches, ToR) in EU framework contracts

- Moderator and resource-person (continuously) in UNITAR environmental law courses (United Nations Geneva)

- Preparation of studies on environmental policy, law and governance matters

- Writing, editing publications in environmental policy, law and governance
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